If you are in search of a destination with your family, don’t doubt to visit Casa Quintana, quiet and diversion are guaranteed for your family.

Children are invited to know nature and animals, as well as create memories and experiences unforgettable. Casa Quintana has a big garden available for their clients where kids can play and run without any danger.
The younger ones of the family will enjoy a unique experience that is to know different animals as ducks, gooses, rabbits, hens and partridges.
Every morning or afternoon the customers can join us for the daily tasks of taking care of the animals like feeding the rabbits, ducks and partridges or picking up the hen’s eggs.
They aren’t the only animals you’re going to meet in Casa Quintana, otherwise, you will be able to meet the cats and dogs even more knowing the farm cows. The fields around the house are for the cow cattle and it’s for this that the customers can meet since newborn calf to the cows and bulls, parents of the calves.
From Casa Quintana we can say with any doubt that 90% of our clients are families with children. Therefore we put all our effort to adapt our environment to our customer, the kids.