Do you want to surprise a friend or someone special? don’t doubt to give Casa Quintana.

Some offers are proposed, and with which you will make a different gift with a memorable stay.

To give a Present Check you don’t have to know the dates, the applicant may choose depending on availability. Also it will be able to mark the dates yourself, we will adapt to your needs.

How does the Casa Quintana gift voucher works?

1. Download the selected Gift Voucher

2. Personalize the Voucher.

3. Contact us to provide you how to pay.

4. Once we receive the payment, we provide you a bonus number to validate the check.

Gift Voucher Conditions

-The check must be redeemed during the following 4 months after the issuance of the check.
-Previous booking is essential, subject to availability.
-To enjoy the decided prices.
-For the reservation it will follow the booking conditions of Casa Quintana.

Gift vourcher weekend

With this option you can give a weekend to the so special person for you. The cost of this option Voucher depend on the number of places you want on the weekend, that is, the places should have the apartment..

Personalized gift vourcher

In Casa Quintana we give you the opportunity to tailor your own Voucher, you can choose the length of the stay and the number of people.
The cost of the Gift Check will depend on what you choose.

Discount gift voucher

We give you the opportunity to make a check gift with the discount you want. You choose the amount to be deducted at the end of the stay at Casa Quintana by the beneficiary of the check. The price is decided by you.

Corporate gift voucher


Casa Quintana offers companies the opportunity to give their workers a stay of rural tourism.

The unique natural environment in which Casa Quintana is located, guarantees the beneficiary of the check peace of mind to disconnect from the stress and routine of work.
You can also give a check to thank your customers for the trust they place in your company.
Contact us for a customized budget.