Our enchanting situation between protected areas with high prestige like the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and the Natural Park Posets Maladeta.

Both areas makes the environment a unique space where enjoy nature and all kind of activities that can be developed there.
The distance betwen Natural Park Posets-Maladeta and Casa Quintana is only 15 minutes (the entrance for Llauset and Salenques). Here is the access for many lakes and ibones, as the Anglios, and the ascension to 3000’s, as the Vallibierna peak. Also, family routes are available, like the route through Salenques.
Aigüestortes, located 15 minutes from Casa Quintana, in La Vall de Boï, allow visitors be in the water land. Lots of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and ravines, vegetal and animal speciesare there. From Casa Quintana is available the visit of the park from La Vall de Boï and Senet. The park has an agend of activities like routes with guides, snowshoeing, talks and expositions…